The Queens ReturnEdit

The Queens Return
Season Two, Episode


Song 239
Episode Guide

"Somewhere Out There"




Dacav5 is practicing thier new music number "Mixit Remix" and then when they were done they were gonna perform it to the cafeteria and Yubin walked in and told Jenna "Can you go and work somewhere else this is our spot" and then she was standing on thier table


  • Mixit Remix - Dacav5
  • Martha - Andy
  • The Kind Of Music I Like - Yubin
  • Were Back! - The Queens
  • Flying Without Wings - Westlife (background)

Guest StarsEdit

  • Rebecca Gayheart - Brenda Haggenstans
  • Danielle Savre - Heidi Mash
  • Jacqueline Macinnes Wood - Martha Becks

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