The Music Is Dropping YouEdit

another performance made from Dacav5 for The Queens Charity Runway dance

The Music Is Dropping You
Song 7777
Album: Marriot Soundtrack
Released: November 30, 2010
By: Jenna & Z


Chorus: There, the music is dropping you There, the music is dropping you There, the music is dropping you There, the music is dropping you

When ya get caught in the moment Dont fret, dont move cause Here it comes And you can feel it all around It picks you up and puts you down This is what ya call a musical high You and I Can do things that we never done before As soon as the beat drops You feel it inside and you'll say So so so , here it comes Just know it, picks you up and puts you down Its somethin you can escape from Let it take yall away from here To another place, I know ya cant hardly wait


I love the music When it picks me up and im vibein to it Inside these walls im all caught up and i know what truth is Thats my love thats my heart Thats everything and more Where I'm from where I start Thats what I'm living for Thats right thats right Each night I call ya name When the music drops I get so high That I hope you feel the same In your life, in your dreams When the music seems like the only thing you need

You gotta understand music is my soul Part of my life, my main goal When I drive I sit and vibe Music up to the limit, high High, so high, I feel alive so I I let it take over put it on my shoulder Hold it so high I'm a addict I'm at recordin habits You would do it too if you had it It gives purpose the reason why I keep workin Music is soothin it makes my body keep movin Its proven to get ya outta your shell if you use it So get loose to it


Breaking you down making you move Breaking you down making you move The music the music the music is dropping you

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