Layla GrantEdit

Layla Grant
Layla Grant
General Information
Gender: Female


Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Aqua
Height: 5'9" (168 cm)
Occupation(s): Student at NYADA
Aliases: Broadway Stealing Bitch (Andrea)
Family & Friends
Family: Mrs. Grant
  • Sam
  • Wayne
Relationships: Cody Meeks (ex-boyfriend)
Enemies: Andrea Moyer (rival)
Other Information
Interests: Singing, Acting, Dancing & Broadway
Education: NYADA
Talent: Singing, Acting, Dancing
Weaknesses: Being proved wrong
Series Information
First appearance: Auditions
Last appearance:
Portrayed By: Aubrey Peeples


Layla is the rival of Andrea Moyer. She is more succeeding and more of a perfectionist when it comes with Broadway than, Andrea. She excells at singing, dancing and acting more better than her.

Sometimes she would enjoy solking up to her as she makes fun of her way of her own lifestyle.

Later after she lost The 2013 Winter Showcase, she decided to go on and make herslef into a famous singer and she got that dream real quickly.

In Championships, Layla finds Andrea crying in the corner and she gives her the worst adivce anyone could give which would be a to "show off alot, litteraly" and Andrea took her word which made her lose Nationals.


Andrea MoyerEdit


Her and Andrea fighted for thier way to be more of the popular students in NYADA and chosen for The 2013 Winter Showcase and she didn't get picked.



Season 6:

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