Cut, Print....Moving OnEdit

Cut, Print.....Moving On
Song ofmnv
Album: Marriot 5 Soundtrack
Released: February 11, 2013
Sung by: Portia
Place: School Auditorium
Episode: Marilyn!



I know I've kept you waiting I know I've made you mad But this time that we've spent creating Was the best time I ever had

Now I love to sit with memories But they won't come until we're gone So give me a kiss And cut, print, moving on

Tell me a brand new story Together we'll turn the page The grass is always greener On some new Technicolour stage

And if a duckling never swims She'll never become a swan Yes I'm diving in So cut, print, moving on

Yes, there have been nights I'll long to relive But sometimes you gotta roam You can't fight when something's gotta give But you'll always be my home away from home

Now I'm back to play a love scene But don't let it last too long Play me the eight-bar intro Of some new lush romantic song

I'm not afraid to take that leap With you to depend upon Now tell me your name Cut, print, moving on

We told the same jokes We breathe the same air We couldn't tell night from day But just like the end of a love affair We all know the time comes to break away

Last year we all were strangers This year we're lifelong friends I know that this location Is not where our story ends

Get up cause the rat race never ends As life is a marathon And I plan to run So much more than a sprint

What's next? Well I can't even give you a hint But boys that's a wrap So cut, print, moving on And on, moving on


Cut, Print..03:08

Cut, Print...Moving On

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