Coley Co/dy+Hay/ley is the relationship between Cody Meeks and Hayley Rose

Coley 1
General Information
Nickname Rose/Meeks
Intimacy Level Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Started Friendship Powerful Beginnings
Friendship Status Dating


Powerful BeginningsEdit

Hayley and Cody met each other when they were both assigned to perform  a song from SMASH and they had a friendly gesture and they both performed Broadway (Here I Come) and which got Portia jealous


Hayley has a small crush on Cody and wanted to let him know that so she wrote 2 songs for him she performed Brighter Than The Sun at the docks and she didn't noticed that he was under the docks listening and he wanted to know who it was and he thought it was Portia and she figured that Hayley singed the song. Later when Meso-Teens was invited to a private party in LA, Hayley and Ana discuss about how much she really wants to admit that she really loves Cody and wanted to say something but couldn't so she performs Caught In The Storm and catches Cody's eyes and he reconized that voice and realized that was the song and they shared a kiss


Hayley and Cody have sex and she stops after when it
Gif 18

Hayley and Cody

reminds her of her pregnacy past and she warns him to never speak of it

Prom DestroyersEdit

Hayley asks Cody to the prom and he acepts her question and they go together. Cody asked if he felt any different from what happended the other day and she didn't felt a thing. Hayley performs Locked Out Of Heaven with Ana which was dedicated for him.
Coley 4

Cody and Hayley at Prom

Shooting StarsEdit

Hayley and Cody perform Heart Shaped Wreckage and then when their performance was done they heard a gunshot and they hided inside the cabnets together and Cody comforted her and Portia together.


Stardome....or is it?Edit

Hayley gets upset when she noticed that he is flirting with other girls as they were performing Love Song and she begins to argue with him as the song was over and they got into a huge argument and they ended up separating for a week and got back together


Season 5:Edit

Season 6:Edit

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